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Top 5 Parks for Kids in Fort Collins

By On January 15, 2014

There are over 20 parks, let alone open spaces, natural areas, state and county parks within a half hour of you. Which ones are great for kids and which are maybe better… Read More

Best of Fresh Air

The 3 Essential Park Passes for the Fort Collins Area

By On January 10, 2014

Sometimes it’s just fine to pay a $6 day fee at a park entrance. But when you find yourself doing it over and over again, it’s time to get a parks pass.… Read More

Best of Fresh Air

10 Best Parks and Open Spaces in Fort Collins

By On January 8, 2014

I don’t know how it has escaped me for so long- a top 10 list of local parks. But today the indecision ends! Today you get the top 10 places for exploring… Read More

Best of Day Trips

Cross-Country Ski Cameron Pass: The Gould Loop

By On January 3, 2014

Located less than two hours away and virtually unreachable by ¬†other major cities in Colorado, Cameron Pass is an uncrowded Winter playground for the Fort Collins crowd. While much of the Cameron… Read More

Sky Pond (9)
Best of Fresh Air

The Top 10 Fresh Air Fort Collins Posts of 2013

By On December 31, 2013

It was nice to reflect on this last year in posts and realize that I had more than ten posts to choose from. It still feels weird that I’ve been doing this… Read More

Best of Fresh Air

Horses on the Trails: Finding Freedom or Just a Nuisance?

By On November 15, 2013

Guest post and a debate post all in one! Horses and their riders sharing the trails with cyclists, runners and hikers seems to be a bit of a hot button topic. People… Read More

Best of Fresh Air

Shut Up And Play The Movie: or, how I felt about Reel Rock 8 Fort Collins

By On October 25, 2013

At their best, outdoor film events inspire and engage. At their worst, and more and more often, I am noticing, they are nothing more than an obnoxious rigamarole of sponsor plugs and… Read More

Best of Fresh Air

Best Colorado Fall Climbing: Shelf Road

By On October 18, 2013

Yes. Shelf Road is actually a road. It goes from Canon City to Cripple Creek. And there happens to be a lot of climbing to do out there. Sport climbing, mostly, but… Read More

Best of Day Trips

Best Fall Hikes in Fort Collins: Dadd Gulch

By On October 9, 2013

It’s not often I get to roll two “best of” categories into one, but this hike deserves it. This is not only a best of Fall, but also a best for dogs… Read More

Arthur's rock in Lory State Park
Best of Fresh Air

Finding Fall Colors: Lory State Park

By On October 4, 2013

Hopefully we won’t end up with a lame Fall like we’ve had in the past. Colorado has a tendency to skip seasons and with an early snowstorm on the horizon, waking up… Read More

reservoir ridge 003
Best of Fresh Air

Best Trails in Fort Collins: The NEW Reservoir Ridge

By On September 27, 2013

So, I’m pretty late to the game on this one. The new Reservoir Ridge was completed earlier this year. But since the old Reservoir Ridge was one of my most favorite trails… Read More

Best of Fresh Air

You Should Have Been at the Poudre River Projects Open House Part II: The Recreational Projects Meeting

By On September 6, 2013

This is what the meeting for the Poudre play park proposal looked like yesterday evening. See that open door in the background with a ton of people standing in it? I’m back… Read More

Best of Day Trips

Video Tour in Rocky Mountain National Park: The Lakes at Tyndal Gorge and Loch Vale

By On August 30, 2013

I thought I do another video tour of a hike since that seemed to be a pretty popular one last time. And really, what better way to check out a trail than… Read More

This isn't McMurray natural area exactly, but you can get here from there.
Best of Fresh Air

Fort Collins’ Poudre Trail: The Hidden River Trails

By On August 16, 2013

I have to admit to putting off this post. For like the whole past year. I mean you only have one chance to write the Poudre Trail post, right? Actually, if I… Read More

hanging lake 032
Best of Fresh Air

Hanging Lake Hike: Is Kind of a Big Deal

By On August 1, 2013

You may have seen the Hanging Lake exit on I-70 (as you rushed from Glenwood Springs head-on into ski traffic) and wondered- hmm, what’s that about? And why is there a highway… Read More

You run up that, too. Basically, you just run uphill forever.
Best of Day Trips

Hike Horsetooth Rock: The Path Less Traveled

By On May 16, 2013

The Horsetooth Rock hike is the most essential of all essential Fort Collins hikes. Telling people you live here and have never set foot on that trail is like telling someone from… Read More