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Falcon Head Lodge, 2605 Ski Trail Lane, Steamboat Springs, CO
Adventure Guides

From Dirt to Duvet – Where to Stay in Steamboat

By On December 8, 2016

I love driving on long-distance road trips. I always have. In fact, my husband jokingly calls me “trucker blood” because of it. There’s something freeing about listening to hours of music and… Read More

Soapstone Prairie Natural Area
Adventure Guides

Explore: Soapstone Prairie Natural Area

By On April 18, 2016

If you drive north on I-25 toward Wyoming, past farms and ranches stretching as far as the eye can see, beyond the Pronghorn grazing in the distance, on winding dirt roads that… Read More

Foot Care on the Trail
Adventure Guides

Sponsored Post: How To Take Care Of Your Feet on High Mileage Hikes

By On March 31, 2016

Right around New Year’s Day I was kickin’ back on the couch watching a show about Denali. “I need to go on a bucket list trip this year,” I told Bill. “I… Read More

Adventure Guides

Explore: Wildflower Viewing in Northern Colorado – Part 3

By On September 29, 2015

Well, Fresh Air Fort Collins readers – wildflower season has come to an end. I’ve spent the entire 2015 wildflower season observing bloom patterns at different elevations on different trails all around… Read More

Indian Peaks Wilderness
Adventure Guides

Learn: Backpacking Checklist

By On September 9, 2015

Kristin provided a fantastic camping gear checklist in her blog How to Go Dispersed Camping in Northern Colorado. As Kristin mentioned in the post, with dispersed camping (or what my kids call… Read More

Splitleaf Indian Paintbrush
Adventure Guides

Explore: Wildflower Viewing in Northern Colorado – Part 2

By On August 13, 2015

Well, I felt like I blinked and July was gone. It doesn’t help that we had so much rain in May and June, making it feel like a shortened summer already. However,… Read More

Adventure Guides

How To Go Dispersed Camping in Northern Colorado

By On June 29, 2015

Last summer when I took over Fresh Air Fort Collins I got right on top of the Best Campgrounds in Poudre Canyon guide. It has been a wildly popular post and has… Read More

Wild Flowers Part 1
Adventure Guides

Explore: Wildflower Viewing in Northern Colorado – Part 1

By On April 23, 2015

Colorado wildflower viewing is one of the most beautiful aspects of trail time in the Rocky Mountains. Chances are when you see a Colorado postcard, it’s going to feature a photo of… Read More

Joe Wright
Adventure Guides

Learn: Colorado Winter Preparedness

By On December 12, 2014

  “The man who goes afoot, prepared to camp anywhere and in any weather, is the most independent fellow on earth.” – Horace Kephart, Camping and Woodcraft, 1917 This is the essence… Read More

Adventure Guides

Preparing For The Hunt – Part 2

By On October 29, 2014

  If you read Part 1 of Preparing For The Hunt series, then you got some detailed information about how to select your Game management Unit (GMU), how to put in for… Read More

Adventure Guides

Preparing For The Hunt – Part 1

By On October 15, 2014

With getting ready to go on the hunt with Bill, my prepper personality has kicked into high gear. No, I’m not hoarding cans of soup. I’ve been feeling like I need to… Read More

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Best Campgrounds in Poudre Canyon

By On August 27, 2014

There’s nothing quite like sleeping underneath the stars, eating s’mores, breathing in the fresh mountain air, and coming home smelling like campfire. Camping is a great way to escape the weekly grind… Read More