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Bierstadt Lake

Snowshoe: Bierstadt Lake Trail

By On December 15, 2016

Going on my National Parks backpacking trip this summer made me realize how I may take Rocky Mountain National Park for granted. It’s so easy to throw my gear in the back… Read More

Joe Wright Trail
cameron pass

Snowshoe: Joe Wright Trail

By On May 4, 2016

Oh, it’s 73 degrees and sunny outside? The trails in the foothills are open and dry? And you’re about to ditch your snowshoes and skis for trail runners and shorts? Well, hold… Read More

Nokhu Crags
cameron pass

Snowshoe: Lake Agnes

By On April 28, 2016

There are a handful of places in the mountains that make me feel like I’m home. I can sit next to a babbling creek surrounded by beautiful wildflowers with the sun shining… Read More

Sawmill Creek Trail
Cameron Pass, CO

Snowshoe: Sawmill Creek

By On March 25, 2016

There are moments when I’m in the mountains that the sun shines brightly on my face giving me a deep warm feeling to my core, the air is thick with the rich… Read More

Fern Lake Trail1
Estes Park

Snowshoe: Fern Lake

By On February 26, 2016

I’ve mentioned in some posts and Instagram updates that it’s “more about the moment than the milage.” This has been a recurring thought I tell myself when I’m not able to complete… Read More

Alberta Falls Winter
Alberta Falls

Snowshoe: Alberta Falls

By On February 3, 2016

On a quiet Monday I knocked out a bit of marketing client work first thing in morning and found myself with an admin day until an evening client commitment. “Why don’t you… Read More

Gould Loop at Sunset
Cameron Pass, CO

Snowshoe: Gould Loop

By On March 27, 2015

One thing that I’ve been trying to focus on is being in the moment. I used to hate this phrase. It seemed like some new age ideology, which I stubbornly try to… Read More


Snowshoe: Zimmerman Lake

By On January 30, 2015

Early last June I got a group of friends together for a short hike to Zimmerman Lake. Since it was summer and it seemed like most of the higher elevation trails were… Read More

Cameron Connection Trail

Snowshoe: Cameron Connection Trail and Michigan Ditch Trail

By On November 29, 2014

I’ve never been a huge fan of winter. I grew up in Utah where we used to ride inner tubes pulled by ATV’s down the street and get whipped off jumps that… Read More